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Antiparos Chora

Antiparos Attractions

Antiparos is a beautiful and quiet island of the Cyclades, with pristine sandy beaches known for their clear waters and exceptional speleological interest. The capital of the island, spreads around the castle of Antiparos, built in the early 1440s.

Access to Antiparos is very easy from Paros, in just 30 minutes by boat from Parikia or even less, in 6 minutes from Pounta, just outside Parikia, while you can stay until late at night or early in the morning due to of regular itineraries.

Particularly interesting and beautiful, the castle of Antiparos and at the same time its Chora, was built to provide protection to the inhabitants of the island from pirate raids. The cobbled streets, the unique Cycladic architecture that characterizes the center of Antiparos and the large square with cafe-bars, create a perfect image.

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